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The Planet group is headquartered in Singapore and has businesses across industry sectors in a number of jurisdictions including India and UAE.


Mr Radhakrishna Shete
Mr Radhakrishna Shete

Radhakrishna and Company was established in the mid-60s by Mr Radhakrishna Shete to provide marine catering and ship chandling services in Mumbai, India.  The Company focused on consolidating multiple product categories of food, non-food, ambient and temperature controlled products and supplying these to merchant ships docking in Mumbai.  Mr Raju Shete assumed responsibility for the Company’s business in the mid-70s, and expanded the Company’s operations into the food, supply chain, people management and energy industries.

With over 35 years of experience, Mr Shete has been instrumental in shaping industries and creating markets over the years including founding India’s first organized companies in the food service, food vouchers, and food supply chain markets.

Mr Raju Shete
Mr Raju Shete, Chairman

Some past partnerships, joint ventures, and business collaborations that Mr Shete has been associated with include those with Accor, the Compass Group and Sodexo.  Mr Shete served as the founder and chairman of Radhakrishna Hospitality Services (RKHS; now Sodexo, India), founder and director of Accor Services India (now Eden Red, India) and founder and director of Consoldiated Services (now part of the Compass Group).  In these roles, Mr Shete has built large-scale services companies with thousands of FTE staff and hundreds of service unit locations globally and in India.

Mr Shete provides stewardship support and strategic guidance to the Planet Group of companies and ventures in which the Planet Group participates.

Each Planet Entity has its independent management team.