Welcome To The Planet Group


The Planet Group pursues a long term, value-oriented approach to building businesses and group companies at all stages of their development (early, growth, and mature) in our chosen industries.

Industry knowledge and networks
We have deep experience of over three decades in our chosen industries with a track record of building value. We bring these industry insights, a network of long-term relationships and trust to accelerate the growth of our Group companies.

Global scale
We have built and operated companies with significant scale in India as well as in many other geographies including the Middle East, S.E Asia and other regions. We invest in building world-scale, industry-leading companies in large economies which play a significant role in the global marketplace.

Entrepreneurial approach
Our roots are entrepreneurial. We spot market opportunities and trends early in their development, back management teams that are operationally strong and remain invested for long periods if required for the investment theme to unfold.

Many of our business help shape industries in the economies that we do business in. To address these large canvasses we build partnerships with companies and funds that share our thinking to combine our strengths.

Forward thinking
Our investment goals are predicated on long-term changes in markets, industries and economies. Our investment approach reflects our convictions about these developments and their impact on value creation.